Air Ventilators

In a central HVAC system, air can circulate and become stale over time, potentially increasing the levels of viruses, bacteria, pollen, smoke, and odors in your home. Many times, bringing in fresh air through windows or doors can negatively affect heating and cooling costs and is not an option. Fortunately, Carrier® energy recovery ventilators bring in fresh air while dramatically reducing your heating and cooling costs.

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Not only do all Carrier’s ventilators work quietly and efficiently to bring fresh air into your home all year long, they pre-condition the incoming air to better match the inside air temperature. Knowing the product that’s right for you is as easy as knowing your address.

For instance, our energy recovery ventilators are made for climates with warm, humid summers. They’ll bring fresh air into your home and remove humidity before it enters your ducts to keep you comfortable and your cooling system from having to work harder.

In more northern climates where summers are shorter and less humid, a heat recovery ventilator is better suited to keep your air refreshed. Despite the name, it will still pre-condition air to cool it in summer and warm it in winter before it enters the house.

For more information, visit A Guide to Indoor Air Quality.