Water Heaters

What You Should Know About Water Heaters

It’s easy to take hot water for granted until you have to shower without it. Don’t suffer with cold showers any longer—let Cliff Bergin & Associates take care of your water heater needs. Our licensed plumbers have seen it all. We not only repair and replace water heaters, but we also ensure that our work meets manufacturer specifications and local codes.


A Cleaner Water Heater Equals Better Water

Water heaters require some maintenance in order to work properly. The experts at Cliff Bergin can help you with many maintenance services such as: draining and flushing sediment out of the unit, cleaning the air intake filter, and checking the anode rod. By making sure that all these parts are fully functioning, you can be sure that your water will be warm and clean. In short, if you take care of your water heater, it will take care of you.

If you, like so many people, only give your water heater attention when it’s not working, a repair may not be worth your time. Most water heaters will only last 10 to 12 years on average, so we suggest putting your money toward a new system instead of investing in parts and labor.

Our Plumbers Offer Expanded Service

Water heater repair and replacement is just one aspect of our service. We will also recommend moves to enhance your water heater’s lifespan, including adding an expansion tank. Options such as these will help alleviate pressure on the system, as well as adding protection against an early replacement.

No matter the plumbing need, Cliff Bergin is the better choice. Give us a call at (262) 242-2456 or schedule an appointment online today!