Water Heaters

What You Should Know About Water Heaters

Hot water is something you probably take for granted, until you have to shower without it. Make sure you have enough for the whole family with a new water heater from Cliff Bergin & Associates.

Knowing the best size and style for your home is important, so trust our experts for recommendations and flawless installation. There are four types of water heaters: chimney vent, power-vented, electric, and tankless. Cliff Bergin’s team of licensed plumbers are ready to help with all your home water needs, including repairing and replacing water heaters, and making certain each installation meets manufacturer specifications and local codes.

Cleaner Heater, Better Water

Water heaters do require some maintenance, like draining the unit and flushing out any sediment. Newer models have an air intake filter that should be cleaned periodically. Also, there is an anode rod that protects your tank from damage by attracting corrosive elements in the water. As it begins to corrode, you may notice a sulfur-like odor, so have a professional at Cliff Bergin check the rod and replace it, if needed. This will help the heater work better for longer—and keep your water cleaner.

If you, like so many people, forget about your water heater as long as it’s working, a new rod may not be worth the time or effort if your equipment is older. To be honest—and that’s what we’re all about—it is not uncommon for us to suggest putting your money toward a new system instead of investing in certain parts and labor. That’s because most water heaters will only last 10 to 12 years on average. Finally, remember, hot water is great, but making it too hot is inefficient and dangerous, especially for small children and seniors.

Our Plumbers Offer Expanded Service

When it’s time for a new water heater, Cliff Bergin can remove the old one and install the system best suited to your needs and budget. We may also suggest adding an expansion tank to prolong the life of the heater. This small two-to-three-gallon tank alleviates the pressure created when hot water expands. Besides preventing damage to the water heater’s liner, it can also be added protection against the unexpected cost of early replacement.

For all your plumbing needs, find out why Cliff Bergin is the better choice! Call us at 262-242-2456 or schedule an appointment online.