Zoning Systems Create Ideal Comfort, One Room at a Time

In many homes, because of the age or design of the house, there are certain rooms that always feel too hot or too cold. Cliff Bergin & Associates has experts who can tame these wild temperature swings with a zoning system. Zoning involves a series of thermostats and dampers in the ductwork that open and close to control the delivery of hot or cold air to each room as needed. The result is superior temperature control for comfort, and better use of energy for ongoing savings.

zoning systems help make sure every room is comfortable

Zoning can be installed in new homes or businesses, or added to an existing property as your heating and cooling needs change. For example, there may be a room with electronics that needs more cool air than others to be comfortable. Or maybe you’d like to limit heat distribution in rooms that aren’t used often. With a zone system from Carrier® and Cliff Bergin, you can adjust the temperature in each area without overdoing it in others and wasting energy.

Zoning Increases Comfort, Reduces Cost

When you install a zoning system, you can easily tailor the temperature in each zone. Not only does this save money on monthly energy bills, it can also save you money on repairs or early replacement of an air conditioning or heating system—there’s less wear and tear on the system when it doesn’t have to work harder than necessary. When you include programmable thermostats in your zone design, you can save even more by scheduling just the right heating or cooling ahead of time so you don’t have to adjust times and temps manually.

No Place for Dampers? Go Ductless

Zoning works great when you have ducts, but that doesn’t mean rooms without have to be uncomfortable. Ductless systems can also deliver hot and cold air as needed to a single room. These units are quiet, efficient, and put you in control of even the most challenging areas.

Get Help and Get Comfortable

For solutions to these and other home comfort issues, talk to the experts at Cliff Bergin. As a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer and eleven-time recipient of the Carrier President’s Award for Excellence, we can help with all your heating and cooling needs, plus plumbing, water conditioning, and indoor air quality. Call 262-242-2456 or request an appointment online, and learn how zoning can make any area more comfortable.