Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps Replace Your A/C and Assist Your Heating System

The term heat pump is a bit misleading because this system is dual purpose. Its name simply means that it moves heat where and when it’s needed, using minimal energy. During the winter, the system extracts heat from outdoor air and moves it indoors. In the summer, the process reverses to transfer indoor heat outdoors. It acts exactly like an air conditioner, keeping your home cool and comfortable—and can be a smart alternative to using an A/C.

technician repairing a heat pump

Combining a heat pump and gas furnace creates an energy-efficient hybrid heat system. The heating powerhouse automatically alternates between systems to maximize energy savings and improve your comfort. Most often, heat pumps will operate during mild temperatures and trigger the furnace to take over when temperatures drop. Furnaces operate most efficiently in subfreezing temps. Using a heat pump for these in-between stages is a win-win situation—you’ll take pressure off your furnace and save money.

Heat pumps are also known for their reliability, and can keep you comfortable for 15 years or longer. They are great systems, but aren’t ideal for every setting. Make the better choice—let the experts at Cliff Bergin & Associates help you decide if a heat pump is right for your home.

Rely on the Experts at Cliff Bergin to Install and Service Your Heat Pump

The pros at Cliff Bergin highly recommend and install Carrier® systems for reliability. Installing a heat pump is an involved process and should always be performed by a professional to ensure everything is up to code and safely connected, especially when paired with a furnace.

Regular maintenance is crucial to the efficiency of a heat pump. The NATE-certified technicians at Cliff Bergin will:

  • Inspect ducts, filters, and blowers
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Inspect motors
  • Test your thermostat
  • Change the filter
  • Clean condenser coils and moving parts

This ensures optimal operation and can help prolong your unit’s lifespan. Should you need a repair at any point, we can handle that, too.

Cliff Bergin is committed to providing Southeastern Wisconsin home and business owners with the best solutions for their heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. Have questions? Call us at 262-242-2456 or fill out our online form today. One of our experts would be happy to visit and let you know if a heat pump is the right solution for you.