Say Goodbye to Dry Air With a Whole-Home Humidifier

Whether you’re cooling it down or warming it up, changing the temperature of air in your home affects its moisture level. While this may feel like a break from overly humid and muggy summer days, it can lead to uncomfortably dry winter air. Low humidity levels often cause itchy skin, dry coughing, bloody noses, and worsening allergy and asthma symptoms, not to mention frequent, jolting static shocks, creaking wood floors, and cracking paint. The experts at Cliff Bergin & Associates can put an end to these problems—ask us about installing a whole-home humidifier to protect your health and your home.

humidifers can help fight cold dry air and make your home feel much warmer during winter months

Balanced Humidity Makes Every Room More Comfortable

Because dry air affects your entire house and everyone in it, a whole-home humidifier from Cliff Bergin is the better choice for comfort in Mequon, Menomonee Falls, and surrounding Milwaukee suburbs. A portable humidifier only adds moisture to a small area, is noisy, and requires constant refilling with water. A whole-house unit has advanced controls that let you choose your exact humidity level, then delivers moist, comfortable air to every room through your ductwork. It has its own water supply line for convenient, consistent operation, so you can easily maintain the recommended 40 to 60 percent humidity in your home—even with your furnace running around the clock.

Our Humidifiers Make a Noticeable Difference

Ideal humidity is something many of our customers don’t really appreciate until they’ve felt the difference for themselves. Our whole-home humidifiers provide greater control of air quality for comfort and can even help reduce energy bills—moisture in the air retains heat so you feel warmer without raising your thermostat setting.

To feel truly comfortable, take your air quality to the next level with a whole-home humidifier. We’ll recommend the best unit to humidify your home and install it to work seamlessly with your heating and cooling systems. Start with an in-home evaluation and estimate, then stay comfortable with replacement humidifier pads and ongoing maintenance from our experienced service pros.

You can also count on Cliff Bergin for help with zoning if you have inconsistent temperatures, air purifiers for cleaner air, complete plumbing services, and other services that help your house feel like home.