Ductless Split Systems

Ductless Systems Control Temperature In “Bonus” Rooms

A sunroom, breezeway, attic, home addition, or workshop in the garage can give you the “bonus” living space you want in your home, but it can be difficult to manage the temperature in these areas. Whether it’s because there’s no ductwork, poor ventilation, drafty windows, or an added heat source like appliances or electronics, you’ll get more use from these rooms when you manage the temperature with a ductless split system from Cliff Bergin & Associates.

ductless air conditioner system

Quiet, Efficient Heating and Cooling, One Room at a Time

A ductless split system picks up where your primary heating or cooling system leaves off. These units allow you to choose the exact temperature level you want in each room, and utilize a heat pump to deliver heated or cooled air as needed. They do not require ductwork, and because they are not a forced air system, ductless split systems are quieter than a whisper.

Ductless split or mini split systems are ideal for small spaces. They feature a main unit that is installed on the outside of your home and one or more smaller fan units that are installed inside the home, directly in the rooms and small spaces that need added comfort. Treated air passes between these units through conduits in a hole no bigger than three inches. This means fast installation, no patching or repairing walls, and none of the security issues you might have with a window unit.

Best of all, because hot and cold air is immediately available where needed, there’s no loss of effectiveness, which can happen when air has to travel through lengths of ductwork to reach each room. With a ductless system, there’s no need to avoid uncomfortable rooms and no wasted energy—make the most of your home while saving energy on seasonal utility bills.

Older Homes and Additions Can Benefit From Ductless Split Systems

Southern Wisconsin has many beautiful older homes, but not all of them have ductwork, which can make it hard to update the HVAC systems. With our ductless systems, there is no rebuilding of walls or ceilings, so you retain that stately charm and authenticity of the home. Other homes have three-season rooms or garage apartments that could be more comfortable and useful with just a small investment in a ductless system for temperature control.

The Better Choice for Comfort Control

At Cliff Bergin, we trust Carrier® for a full line of high-efficiency ductless solutions that meet your needs without compromising comfort. We also invest in our team members who provide the level of technical skill and customer service our clients deserve. As NATE-certified professionals, we can service any make or model of ductless units, including Mitsubishi.

To learn more about ductless split systems or other options for your home or business, call us at 262-242-2456 or fill out our form.