Well Pumps

Trust Us for Well Pumps That Provide Clean Water and Reliable Service

A modern water well is an expertly engineered and constructed delivery system that draws groundwater directly into your home for drinking, cleaning, irrigation, and other purposes. As an award-winning Sta-Rite® well pump dealer, Cliff Bergin & Associates can help you install or maintain these top-rated well systems to ensure a safe, steady supply of water for all your needs.

Unlike municipal water service, a private well requires that you be proactive about protecting this resource and those who rely on it. This means maintaining the mechanics of your pump and well system, performing regular water tests, and using water responsibly. Neglecting any of these steps can have serious consequences—from health problems caused by contamination and household issues related to hard water to the financial burden of having to replace a well pump prematurely or dig a new well altogether.

Top Benefits of Well Water

That said, having a private well does give you some control of your water supply, plus these key benefits:

  • Affordable—once you’ve installed the necessary equipment, there are no monthly bills.
  • Reliable—your system is self-contained, so your supply won’t be affected by broken mains, boil advisories, or other municipal emergencies.
  • Local—never worry where your water came from or how long it’s been sitting in a holding tank—it’s delivered directly to you from right on your own property.
  • Healthy—we know the importance of making sure your water is safe and drinkable and offer testing and water treatment systems to ensure the best for your family.


Our Plumbers Are Well-Versed in Well Service and Local Water Requirements

Cliff Bergin has plumbing professionals who are licensed to service and replace well pumps, as well as pressure tanks, water conditioning equipment, reverse osmosis drinking systems, and more. We can also assist you with well water testing as required for home sales and regular well inspections for code compliance.

Our experts also perform routine testing, as recommended by the National Ground Water Association. Homeowners should test a private well annually for bacteria, nitrates, and any contamination of local concern, if there’s a change in the taste, odor, or color of well water, or if any family member has unexplained gastrointestinal symptoms. If any problems are found, we’ll deliver your results along with recommendations for resolving any water issues.

Emergency Well Pump Repairs and Replacement

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year should you have concerns or find there’s no water when you turn on your faucet. In most cases, we can repair or replace your well pump quickly, as we keep common parts and new well pumps on hand for these emergencies.

Our Mequon Company Handles Heating and Cooling Emergencies Too

Cliff Bergin is the better choice for solving your home water and well pump problems. In addition to our licensed plumbers, we also have an experienced team of heating or cooling technicians who can help you stay comfortable in your Cedarburg, Grafton, Germantown, or Menomonee Falls home. Our friendly office staff can answer a number of common questions, or quickly put you in touch with a plumbing or HVAC professional.