Sump Pumps

Prevent a Wet or Flooded Basement With a Well-Maintained Sump Pump

A reliable sump pump is something no home should be without. It can keep your basement dry and prevent messy, costly water damage, but remember that it needs occasional maintenance or replacement. The plumbing professionals at Cliff Bergin & Associates can test and inspect your pump to ensure it will be ready to work when you need it most.

sump pumps are important for keeping your basement dry

What Is a Sump Pump and How Does It Work?

A sump pump is a small water pump that is typically installed in a specially constructed pit (or crock) in the lowest part of your basement or crawl space. Any excess rain or ground water on your property drains into this safe holding area until it’s full enough to raise the float and activate the pump. When the sump pump turns on, water is redirected safely away from your home.

Battery Backup Pumps Are Added Protection From Water Damage

It doesn’t take much water to cause thousands of dollars of damage, so making sure your pump is operational and well-maintained is extremely important. That’s why our plumbers offer routine maintenance for these important systems. We also suggest that some owners—particularly those with past water problems or a finished basement—add a battery backup sump pump for added protection. This secondary pump runs on a powerful marine battery, which kicks in only when your primary pump fails or can’t keep up. Considering that severe storms can cause both flooding and power outages, a battery backup is a smart “plan B.”

Why Every Home in Southeastern Wisconsin Should Have a Water Alarm

Whether it’s a backup, sudden line break, or a slow leak, any amount of unwanted water in your home can be messy and expensive—detect and repair plumbing problems more quickly with a water alarm. We offer passive detectors, which are self-contained, battery-operated units that can be placed near water heaters, washing machines, bathrooms, or basements. If its sensor comes in contact with water, it sounds an alarm so you can take action. The better choice is an active alarm, installed by Cliff Bergin, that sends an alert but also automatically shuts off your water supply to limit damage.

We’re the Better Choice for All Kinds of Home Comfort Services

Even clean water can cause big trouble in the form of mold. A cool, moist basement quickly develops mildew and musty odors that are easily circulated throughout your house. Avoid home and health worries—have our experts recommend and install whole-home dehumidifiers and air purifiers for a clean, dry, comfortable home year-round. And speaking of comfort, remember we’re the better choice for installing, maintaining, and repairing high-efficiency Carrier® furnaces and air conditioners in your Metro Milwaukee home.