3 Powerful Benefits of Water Quality Testing

When you go to the sink to fill up your water bottle, chances are you don’t think too much about what else might be in there. At Cliff Bergin & Associates, we do think about it—and we want to help ensure your water supply is as pure and healthy as possible. Our experts are breaking down the importance of water quality testing below. Read through it, then call us at 262-242-2456 to schedule your water test today.

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Why Should I Test My Water?

In short, water testing helps protect your health. Certain contaminants thrive inside wells, polluting your home’s water as it sits inside. These include lead from pipes, naturally occurring elements like radon and arsenic, and even sewer overflow. Most of these contaminants are tasteless and odorless—the only way to know if they’re present is with a water quality test.

Benefits of Testing Water Quality

Assured Health

When you work with an expert water quality tester like the ones at Cliff Bergin, you’ll know exactly what’s in your water as well as how to fix it. That peace of mind goes a long way to feeling good and healthy.

Insights Into Your Health

If you suffer from certain conditions, such as dry and itchy skin, it’s possible that your water could be to blame. Your supply may not be soft enough or may be contaminated with something that affects your skin. When you have your water tested, you get an insight into what is causing trouble—and a way to fix it.

Improved Appliance Efficiency

Cleaner water is best not only for you, but for your appliances, too. Using soft water for things like dishwashers and washing machines helps them run more efficiently, which means you pay less for energy use. With softer, high-quality water, you can also use less soap to keep those dishes and clothes clean.

How to Test Water Quality: Schedule an Appointment With Cliff Bergin

Our plumbers can do more than repair your fixtures and water heaters. We can test your water using three thorough and effective procedures, each of which enables us to evaluate things like softness, iron content, and even lead. Plus, we’ll help you fix them—be it filtration, reverse osmosis, or a different solution. For better health, schedule time with one of our expert water testers today. Call 262-242-2456 or contact us online.