4 Revealing Signs That You Need a Whole-Home Humidifier

When you think of “humidity,” it’s easy to think of hot and sticky summer days. But in winter, having that moisture in the air can help prevent many health and comfort problems. At Cliff Bergin & Associates, we want to help you create a relaxing home. Below, we’re sharing some telltale signs that you could use a whole-home humidifier.

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Like a whole-home humidifier, a street sign points from uncomfortable to cozy.

How Does a Whole-Home Humidifier Work?

Humidifiers are designed to help balance the moisture levels in the air. When your indoor humidity drops below a certain level (both the Environmental Protection Agency and Mayo Clinic recommend the ideal range being 30 to 50 percent), these systems release steam or water vapor into the air. This not only helps you feel more comfortable but can also relieve many health problems associated with dry air—more on that below.

Do You Need a Humidifier?

If you notice any of these signs in your home, it might be time to invest in home humidification:

Frequent Sinus Congestion, Runny Noses, or Nose Bleeds

Believe it or not, your nose can tell you a lot about your home’s humidity levels.

If you’re constantly waking up with a stuffy and/or runny nose—or worse, suffering from nose bleeds—a humidifier can help put an end to them. More moisture in the air could also help relieve snoring (and therefore lead to better sleep).

Bad Allergies or Asthma

While you should first talk to your doctor if your allergies or asthma get worse, humidified air may help you breathe easier at home. The extra moisture in the air may even help soothe symptoms of a cold or other minor respiratory condition.

Excessive Static Electricity

Static shocks are more annoying than anything. However, if your air is too dry, it can lead to a buildup of static electricity. If left unchecked, that accumulation could eventually get bad enough to damage your electronics.

Humidifiers help keep static in check, keeping your home safe and comfortable.

Problems With Wood Floors or Furniture

Humidifiers not only help keep you healthier, but they also help support your wood floors and furniture. Dry air can suck the moisture out of wood, causing it to shrink and crack. So, if you notice larger than normal gaps in your wood floors or that your cabinets or trim are pulling away from your walls, consider adding a humidifier to restore that moisture and protect your home.

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