5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing a New Air Conditioner

Unless your air conditioner stops working, most homeowners won’t think about installing a new one. But replacing your cooling system before your older one breaks down is a smart move, and the experts at Cliff Bergin & Associates are here to prove it. We’ve got five reasons why you should consider upgrading your AC now—read them over, then call us at 262-242-2456 for a professional installation.

Consider installing a new air conditioner to avoid your old unit breaking down

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Skyrocketing energy bills are one of the telltale signs of an air conditioner that’s on its way out. It also means your system is working too hard, whether due to old age or bad interior parts. Today’s Carrier® units, however, are as energy-efficient as they come, and installing one can lower your monthly energy bills.

New Technology

A new air conditioner means you get the most up-to-date features, parts, and technology, too. Today’s models are quieter, can run at variable speeds to help ensure perfect comfort, and undergo strict efficiency testing to give you the highest comfort-to-cost ratio.

Proper Unit Sizing

When it comes to heating and cooling systems, you might think the bigger unit you have, the better it works. However, an air conditioner unit that’s too big isn’t what you want. While it will cool down your house, it won’t cycle properly, leading to inefficient operation that can cause higher energy bills. A properly sized system will save you money in the long run while providing perfect cooling comfort (and can even help dehumidify your home in the process).

Reliable Operation

On average, a central air conditioner lasts about 10 to 15 years. If you have a system on the tail end of that range or one that’s needed frequent repairs over its lifetime, it won’t be long until it breaks down for good. With a system installed by Cliff Bergin, you won’t have to worry about being without cool air during the summer.

No More R-22 Refrigerant

Older cooling systems rely on R-22 refrigerant to operate, which has since been banned for its negative environmental impact. This means that if your older unit has a refrigerant leak, it can’t be repaired. Because newer ACs don’t rely on R-22, they’re safer—and a leak won’t mean you have to replace the system.

Southeastern Wisconsin Homeowners Make the Better Choice—Cliff Bergin

At Cliff Bergin, we know it’s the little things that make a big difference—it’s what makes our air conditioner installation service so good. We’re here for you, so if you need a new system now, don’t hesitate to contact us: 262-242-2456 or online.