5 Ways a Home Dehumidifier Can Save Your Summer

We all love summer for the warmer weather and open windows. The only problem is that with warmer temperatures comes higher humidity. Fortunately, the Carrier® pros here at Cliff Bergin & Associates can help by installing a home dehumidifier for you. Discover how these systems can save your summer below and call us when you’re ready for better comfort.

Woman and cat lounge in living room with home dehumidifier in foreground.

How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

Ideally, humidity levels in your home should fall somewhere between 40 and 60 percent. But when temperatures rise in the summer, so does the moisture in the air. Thankfully, that’s when your home dehumidifier system will kick in. These units remove excess moisture from your air to rebalance humidity, a process that can benefit you in so many ways—see below.

Here’s How a Home Dehumidifier Benefits You

Eliminates Mold and Mildew

Harmful microorganisms such as mold thrive in more humid conditions, so the more balanced your air is, the fewer problems you’ll have.

Helps Relieve Allergies

Some of those same microorganisms are also allergy triggers. So when you reduce moisture and eliminate those issues, you may also help relieve your allergy symptoms at the same time.

Reduces Condensation

Is your home suffering from moisture problems? Humidity that’s too high could be to blame. It’s another way a whole-home dehumidifier can help you—it’ll keep your house just dry enough.

Lowers Energy Costs

Here’s a bonus benefit you may not even think about. When you remove excess moisture from your air, it won’t feel as warm and sticky. That means that just by running your dehumidifier, you’ll feel cooler—which can lead to you turning down your air conditioning.

Improves Your Overall Comfort

The word humidity makes you think of being hot, sticky, and uncomfortable. A home dehumidifier eliminates that problem even before it starts. What you get is ultimate comfort, which is exactly what you deserve.

Are Dehumidifiers Worth It?

In short, yes. Not only can they help prevent serious moisture problems, but they can go a long way in simply helping you relax.

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