A Beautiful, Water-Tight Kitchen or Bath Remodel Starts With Licensed Plumbers

Between planning room layouts and picking out design patterns, a kitchen or bath remodel is exciting. But it can also be nerve-wracking—how will it affect things like your pipes or gas lines? Will you have to completely redo your plumbing system in the process? Fortunately, the answer is simple: choose an experienced contractor, such as Cliff Bergin & Associates, who can provide expertise in several key areas, including plumbing, HVAC, and water conditioning services.

Our Professional Plumbers Are the Better Choice for Your Remodel

Bathroom and kitchen updates are two of the most common areas homeowners remodel, and they both have a lot in common: They require you to tinker with (or, in some cases, replace) your home plumbing. That’s why you need licensed plumbers like ours—from installing new showers or toilets to adding custom sinks, we ensure secure connections and reliable water service, and verify that everything meets local codes. We also double-check every connection to avoid major problems and serious water damage.

Cliff Bergin & Associates can help with your kitchen or bathroom remodel

Consider These Other Home Updates, Too

  • Reverse osmosis system—have clean drinking water on tap whenever you want with one of these systems in your kitchen. Reverse osmosis lines can connect to your refrigerator or be installed at the kitchen sink, making it easy to keep water bottles filled with pure water.
  • Radiant in-floor heating—this heating system keeps your home warm by sending heat up through your floors. This system is perfect for remodeling plans that include new flooring.
  • Sump pump—if updating your basement for more living space is part of your renovation plans, a sump pump (and a battery-powered backup) is a necessity to prevent water damage. Consider adding a water alarm too, which can send alerts to your phone at the first sign of a leak.
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers—balancing the humidity level in your home (between 35-50 percent) does more than just keep you comfortable. It can also eliminate harmful particulates in your indoor air, such as viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • HVAC solutions for additions—if you’re adding on to your home, you may need help heating and cooling the expansion. That’s where a Carrier® ductless mini split system can come in handy. These individual units can help you effortlessly manage temperatures in any room, regardless of ductwork limitations.

For a One-Stop Remodeling Shop, Choose Cliff Bergin’s Experts

Cliff Bergin’s experienced and licensed techs are well-versed in the remodeling game. We’ll not only share your dream-home vision, but we can do so worry-free. If you’re ready for a smarter, more efficient, and more enjoyable home, give us a call—(262) 242-2456 or contact us online.