Don’t Ignore These Sewer Warning Signs

More Ozaukee and Washington county homeowners than ever rely on municipal sewers—and most flush away without worry. And you can, too, if you know the warning signs of damage or blockages in your sewer lines. Here are six things that could mean trouble is brewing in your basement that can lead to a sewer backup:

  1. Sewer gas—sanitary sewers are designed to be airtight, for obvious reasons. You should never smell sewage in or around your home, so that unpleasant odor is an indication of a possible crack or leak in your system.
  2. Slow drains—if water is slow to leave your toilet, bathtub, or sink—even after drain cleaning—you may have a blockage in your main lines that can lead to a sewage backup.
  3. Mold in your home—if a sewer line behind your wall has a leak, mold may be your first sign of trouble. Even a small crack allows just enough moisture to escape to create an environment where mold and mildew can flourish.
  4. Landscape changes—that spot on your lawn that’s especially green and lush could be due to the extra “fertilizer” it’s getting from a leak in your main line. Another warning sign is a dip or indentation under grass or paving, either from a broken pipe or because water from a crack is slowly eroding the soil around it.
  5. Home settling or cracks in your foundation—over time, leaking sewer lines can displace enough soil to make your entire foundation unstable.
  6. Pest problems—as if the idea of raw sewage seeping into your home isn’t bad enough, rodents and roaches can also sneak in through breaks in your line.

If you notice any of these warning signs, call a licensed plumber like Cliff Bergin & Associates right away to prevent the mess, stress, and expense of dealing with a backed up sewer system.

Avoid problems in your basement by learning the warning signs of a blocked or damaged sewer lines

What Causes Sewer Breaks, and What to Do About Them

These warning signs may help you head off a home disaster, but unfortunately, backups can happen suddenly. This is especially true when heavy rains overwhelm storm sewers, frost in the ground pushes pipes out of alignment, growing tree roots break through lines, or heavy vehicles drive over underground systems. And, of course, time takes its toll on the cast iron pipes used decades ago—more so than the PVC installed more recently. That’s why you may also want to consider preventive measures—ask us about sump pumps, floor drain plugs, standpipes, an overhead sewer, or a backflow prevention valve to keep water—and worse—where it belongs.

Only a Pro Knows How to Repair Your Sewer

Only a plumbing contractor with special training, experience, and equipment should be trusted to work on this important system. If not handled correctly, sewer problems can threaten your home and the health of everyone in it. At Cliff Bergin, our plumbers are licensed to address the health and environmental aspects of sewer systems and are up-to-date on all municipal codes. We have special cameras that can be scoped into the lines to diagnose problems, and offer pipe lining or conventional repair service to resolve them.

To keep your home clean and safe, Cliff Bergin is the better choice for sewer inspection and repairs. And of course, we can keep you comfortable, too, with the best heating and cooling options from Carrier® for homes and businesses throughout Ozaukee County. Call us for information or to schedule service today.