Everything You Should Know About Your Home Air Filter

When it comes to indoor air quality, your home air filter will come up a lot. That’s because it’s more than just a simple component of your HVAC system—it actually helps protect your air and keep you and your family healthy. How? The experts at Cliff Bergin & Associates explain below.

Technician opens vent to replace home air filter for customer.

Air Filter 101

It Reduces Indoor Pollution

As your furnace creates and forces air through your ductwork, it first passes through your home air filter. There, the filter’s fibers catch and trap airborne contaminants like dust, dirt, and dander. From there, clean air flows through your home while those pollutants are left behind. It’s a crucial part of your heating and cooling setup that ultimately helps keep you healthier.

It Needs to Be Replaced Regularly

Over time, those pollutants can build up in the fibers of your air filter. This makes it more difficult to capture airborne contaminants—and can add more stress onto your HVAC systems as they try to push air past the clogged filter.

A home air filter replacement solves all those issues. It ensures that clean air can circulate through your home and keeps everything operating smoothly. If you have a standard one-inch air filter, replace it every one to three months. Or, for four-inch filters, change them out every nine to 12 months.

It Comes in Different Sizes

Air filters for your home are not one-size-fits-all. So when you replace yours, be sure to get the correct size. Each filter has dimensions on the side of the package. Take a picture of those dimensions, then either contact Cliff Bergin or head to your local hardware store to stock up on replacements.

It Can Help Boost Your Comfort

Clean home air filters not only keep you healthy but also your HVAC systems, too. Your furnace and A/C don’t have to waste energy circulating contaminants through your house, nor past a clogged filter. That filter is an essential yet non-expensive piece of your total home comfort.

Have Questions? Call Cliff Bergin

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