Farewell to Freon: What the R22 Refrigerant Phase-Out Means to You

Many homeowners are not aware that the R22 refrigerant (Freon) used in older air conditioners is on its way out—the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned production of this ozone-depleting coolant in 2010 and by 2020, it will not be available anywhere, at any price.

Cliff Bergin & Associates can help you phase out Freon

When It Comes to Freon, We Can Answer Your “What Ifs”

This doesn’t mean you have to choose between being cool and eco-friendly—you’ll just have to work with an experienced HVAC company to understand your options. The experts from Cliff Bergin & Associates explain the “ifs” of air conditioning moving forward:

  • If your air conditioner was manufactured before 2010, it’s probably using R22 refrigerant—but you can keep using it—safely—as long as it keeps its cool.
  • If you’ve done annual maintenance, your unit may have several years of service left in it, and that buys you time to save and shop for a new system.
  • If you need to repair or recharge your system, you can still get R22 until 2020, but it’ll cost more because the supply is dwindling and no more is being made.
  • If your system is more than 12 or 15 years old, you should carefully consider if it’s worth paying more to repair. The price of the service call and parts—plus the high energy costs of running an inefficient unit—might outweigh any savings you’d see by waiting until the last minute to get a new air conditioner.
  • If you want to do your part to protect the environment—and your budget—know that installing a new AC can do both. New systems use a different, safer type of coolant, plus you’ll also save every month on your utility bills when you upgrade to a new, high efficiency unit.
  • If you still have questions about your cooling system—or heating, plumbing, water conditioning, or indoor air quality services—give us a call. Our team includes Carrier® certified technicians and licensed plumbers to help make your home more comfortable.


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