Get Home Remodeling Help from a Diverse, Reliable Contractor

Updating your home is a big deal—there are lots of decisions to make about design, new features, budget, and more. But one decision is easy: choose an experienced contractor like Cliff Bergin & Associates who offers expertise in plumbing, HVAC, water conditioning, and other essential areas. Remodeling will go more smoothly when you work with someone who can offer multiple solutions and manage several services.

Kitchen and Bath Projects Need Professional Plumbing

For any kitchen and bathroom remodeling, always go with a licensed, experienced plumber. From installing a new dishwasher or garbage disposal to adding a custom sink, you need someone who knows local codes and can ensure secure connections and reliable water service. The same is true of new faucets, sinks, showers, toilets, and tubs. Any problems can lead to a big mess and serious water damage, so don’t risk a DIY disaster. Professional plumbing services are a must when it comes to remodeling these important rooms, and it helps to work with our experts who can also coordinate additional renovation services, like carpentry, electrical, and tiling contractors as needed.

Cliff Bergin & Associates can help design your bathroom remodel

Other Home Updates to Consider

There’s more to remodeling that just updating the look of a room—you want more comfort and convenience, too. Below are some functional updates to consider:

Kitchen: For pure drinking water on demand, add a reverse osmosis system. This makes keeping water bottles full for healthy hydration easy, and RO lines can connect to your ice maker.

Bathroom: If you’re adding a bathroom, you’re probably going to need more hot water. Make sure you have a water heater that can keep up.

Family or Living Rooms: Consider radiant heat under updated floors so new hardwood or tiles—and your toes—will always be warm.

Basement: If you’re updating your lower level for added living space, make sure to have your sump pump checked and install a battery-powered backup to protect your investment from possible water damage. This is also the time to ask about and install a water alarm which can send an alert to your smartphone—the sooner you know about a leak, the faster you can call a plumber and head off serious problems.

Additions: New or renovated rooms may need a little help with heating or cooling. A ductless split system from Carrier® can help you better manage temperatures in sunrooms, attics, extra bedrooms, and additions in an affordable, efficient, and quiet manner.

Start by Knowing Your Options

If you’re ready to add value to your home without adding stress, talk to the remodeling experts at Cliff Bergin. Our team can walk you through a number of helpful options for a smarter, more efficient, and enjoyable home.