Got a Stuffy Room? Get a Ductless Split System

Over 90 percent of all homes have air conditioning, but many still have certain areas that are never comfortable, especially in summer. If you have a room—whether it’s a sunroom, attic, office, or addition—that is too warm to use, now is the time to cool it down. The HVAC professionals at Cliff Bergin & Associates can recommend a ductless split system so you can beat the heat, one room at a time.

A ductless split system is easy to install because—as the name suggests—it requires no ductwork. This means no metal fabrication, new walls, or repainting after installation. Instead, a small line connects the split indoor and outdoor components of the system, allowing it to draw heat energy directly through the wall and out of your home. Considering that running this same air through any length of ductwork could waste almost 25 percent of the energy already applied to it, this is a much more efficient way to control temperature in those already challenging rooms. Ductless split models also have inverter-driven compressors, which mean they speed up and slow down to regulate temperature instead of shutting off entirely, and that also saves energy.

Cliff Bergin & Associates can provide a home estimate for a ductless split system

Why You Want a Ductless System Instead of a Window A/C

The indoor component is wall-mounted and has a relatively low profile, allowing you to incorporate it in small spaces and work around most design features of a room. While it looks similar to a window air conditioning unit, you don’t have to block a window—which means you can easily open it for fresh air. Best of all, a split system is extremely quiet and efficient, and has an auto-changeover feature that allows for heating as well as cooling for improved year-round comfort.

Ductless split systems are generally not whole-house solutions, but they can be an affordable alternative to reconfiguring central air or being uncomfortable in parts of your own home. For more information on this and other Carrier® systems, just ask an expert from Cliff Bergin. We are happy to help with all your heating, cooling, plumbing, and air quality needs.