Why Have Your Heating System Serviced?

Protect your system with a furnace clean & check.

  • A clean system operates at peak efficiency.
  • A clean & check can help identify potential problems and eliminate that unexpected breakdown during the coldest winter night.
  • A clean & check ensures that the system is operating safely and properly.
  • Regular maintenance is a condition of Carrier extended warranties.

Cliff Bergin & Associates can service your home furnace

Heating Tips

  • Lower heat when no one is home. Consider a programmable thermostat to monitor this automatically.
  • Perform annual maintenance on heating equipment.
  • Check heating ducts for air leaks.
  • Make sure heat is circulating properly. Keep furniture and drapes away from obstructing registers and heat vents.

Call us today to add you to our preventive maintenance call list—we’ll remind you each season with a call to schedule service.