If You Hear These Strange House Noises, It’s Time to Call a Professional

Your home should be the place where you’re most comfortable. But as any homeowner knows, problems can spring up out of the blue. Fortunately, you can catch some of these problems before they get worse and break down your home comfort systems—you just need to know what to listen for. If you hear any of these strange house noises, don’t ignore them—call in a professional, such as Cliff Bergin & Associates, to help.

Furnace Scraping

If you hear metal scraping against metal inside your furnace, it usually means that either something is loose within the system or something is wrong with the blower wheel. Either way, it spells trouble for your home comfort because the furnace won’t properly heat your home. Get in contact with one of our experts to clear up the problem and stop this annoying sound.

If you hear your furnace making strange noises call in Cliff Bergin to fix the problem

Constant Water Running or Odd Hissing

The sound of running water when nobody is using it can indicate a busted pipe somewhere (possibly in hard-to-see areas, such as behind a wall or underneath your floor). Call in a plumber immediately to avoid potential water damage.

A hissing sound is never good—it usually means there’s a gas leak somewhere. Turn off the gas immediately, leave the house, and call a professional for help, especially if you notice the hissing coming from near your home’s gas meter or outdoor gas post.

Whistling Furnace

This one is annoying, but the cause is simple: You need to change your air filter. That filter catches all kinds of contaminants, preventing them from circulating through your home and affecting your indoor air quality. All those things clog up your filter, and when it isn’t cleaned or replaced regularly, it will block airflow. Or worse, the furnace will try harder to move air around the blockage and wind up sucking exhaust into your home instead. To fix this problem, simply replace your filter once every one to three months (or for high-efficiency filters, once every six to 12 months).

Cliff Bergin: Your One-Stop Shop for Fixing Strange House Noises

At Cliff Bergin, we know these strange house noises can be intimidating. That’s why we’re here to help you fix them all. Not only do we service heating and cooling systems such as Carrier®, but our team is stocked with licensed plumbers who have practically written the book on plumbing repairs. So if you hear any of these sounds (or others), don’t hesitate—call us today at (262) 242-2456 or contact us online.