Prevent Basement Flooding With a Battery Powered Sump Pump

Two is better than one when it comes to preventing basement flooding and water damage. Because a sump pump can fail without warning and storms often leave entire neighborhoods without electricity, the plumbing experts at Cliff Bergin & Associates recommend installing a second, battery-powered sump pump. This affordable device can save the day if your primary pump or power goes out for any reason.

Invest in a battery powered sump pump to prevent basement floodingA backup sump pump sits next to your regular sump pump at the bottom of the pit, ready to take over immediately if your first unit stops working or can’t keep up. It’s powered independently by a marine battery and kicks on whenever water rises to a dangerous level. Considering the mess, stress, and costly damage water can cause in your home, this plan B piece of equipment is worth every penny—especially if you have a finished basement or a history of water problems.

Maintain Your Primary Sump Pump As Your First Line of Defense

As important as a battery backup sump pump is, the hope is that you’ll never need it. Follow these easy steps to reduce wear on your sump pumps so they’re ready if and when duty calls:

  • Keep your sump pump pit covered.
  • Clean the pit regularly to prevent sand or debris from getting into the pump and damaging the motor.
  • Check the discharge opening for any buildup or blockage that could prevent water removal.
  • Test the pump for proper operation during periods of thawing or heavy rains. Just attach a hose to a basement laundry sink and add water to the sump crock until the float rises and the pump turns on. If the pump does not come on, call us to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

Avoid Other Pipe Problems and Water Woes

It’s important to keep excess water out of your home, but equally important to manage the quality of water you’re bringing into it. Hard water deposits, rust, limescale, and other common issues can make cleaning difficult, limit water flow, or lead to leaking. Our plumbers can help with water treatment systems that purify your water and protect your home and family. Ask us about water testing and purification solutions, as well as a full range of plumbing installations and remodeling services. And for all your comfort needs, we’re still the better choice for top-rated, high-efficiency Carrier® heating, cooling, and air quality systems.