Six Reasons a Ductless Split System Is Better Than a Window Air Conditioner

If you don’t have central air conditioning—or even if you do, but still have a room that’s always too hot—you may think your only hope for surviving a heat wave is a window air conditioner. Not anymore! Ductless split systems are gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional cooling.

Cliff Bergin & Associates can help cool your room with a ductless split system

As the name suggests, the system requires no ductwork and is split into two components—an outdoor unit with a heat pump and an indoor air handler. The two are connected by a small conduit of coolant, which absorbs heat in your home and releases it outside to help you maintain a steady, comfortable temperature, one room at a time. It’s an ideal system for small spaces, offering these six big benefits:

  1. Efficiency—unlike bulky window units that send the dial on your electric meter spinning, a ductless system uses up to 40 percent less energy by transferring heat energy rather than altering it.
  2. Style—instead of blocking an entire window and preventing light and fresh air from coming in, the indoor unit of a ductless split system can be hung inconspicuously from a wall or ceiling—out of the way, yet easily operated with a remote control.
  3. Security—an A/C unit that sits in an open window can be moved by a burglar, whereas the ductless system requires only a three-inch opening that doesn’t compromise your security.
  4. Quiet operation—while a ductless system makes some noise, it’s minimal compared to the loud motor and blowers of a window unit.
  5. Adaptable settings—sensors and an inverter compressor allows a split system to work at various speeds instead of just “on” or “off” for more consistent cooling.
  6. Total comfort—perhaps the best reason to consider a split system is that it can reserve its process and heat a room as easily as it can cool it, making it a year-round comfort system that can also replace inefficient and unsafe space heaters.

One Reason Cliff Bergin Is the Better Choice: Experience

For help with any heating, cooling, air quality, or plumbing challenge, always turn to an experienced service provider. At Cliff Bergin & Associates, we are a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer and have a long history of awards and positive reviews to ensure that you are comfortable inviting us into your home. We’ve been the better choice for generations of Mequon and Milwaukee area homeowners, and we hope to be your choice, too, for cooling solutions this summer.