Springtime Tips From Our Techs

Spring is just a few days away. Here are some great tips from our techs to make sure you are prepared for the new season and changing weather.

  • Check over and clean the sump pump pit—make sure it is free of debris.
  • Connect downspouts and make sure they run away from your home.
  • Ask us about a battery backup sump pump for extra protection if your main sump pump runs often.
  • If you already have a battery backup sump pump, be sure to check the battery on a monthly or bimonthly basis.
  • Add Bio-Clean to your septic system to aid in system efficiency.
  • Schedule a tune-up on your air conditioner to ensure operation at peak efficiency. Remember that equipment covered by a Carrier extended parts and labor contract must be properly maintained for the contract to be valid.
  • Check your furnace filter and make sure it is clean. A dirty filter affects furnace performance and may increase your energy bills.

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