Use Our Furnace Checklist for Maximum Comfort This Fall

Fall is here, which means it’s about time to switch over from your A/C to your heating system. To get you ready for the season, the experts at Cliff Bergin & Associates have a handy furnace checklist for you to use. Check items off that list below—and give us a call with all your questions and comments.

Homeowner crosses items off their furnace checklist with red pen.

Your Fall Furnace Startup Checklist

Test Furnace Operation

Depending on when you read this, it might be too early to have your furnace constantly running. But even before the cold sets in, it’s a good idea to turn on your system and make sure it runs properly. This can help you catch any potential problems ahead of time and reduce the need for emergency repairs in the dead of winter. It can also help you determine whether it’s time to invest in a brand-new furnace.

Change Your Air Filter

Having healthy air in your Mequon-area home starts with a clean air filter. These devices help catch dirt, dust, and other contaminants that float through your home. But over time, they can get dirty and become ineffective. This can not only let those pollutants run free but can also block airflow, leading to problems and extra stress on your furnace.

For best results, we recommend replacing standard one-inch filters every one to three months—and changing four-inch filters every nine to 12 months.

Switch Your Ceiling Fan Direction to Clockwise

Did you know your ceiling fans can rotate in different directions? During the cooler months, flip the switch on the system so that the blades rotate clockwise. This helps push warm air (which naturally rises) back down toward you. That way, you’ll feel warmer without having to turn up your thermostat, leading to lower energy bills.

Open up Curtains and Blinds

The sun is like a free source of heat, making it a valuable ally during chilly weather. By keeping drapes and curtains open, you can let that sunlight in and help heat your home. It’s another way to stay comfortable while keeping your budget in mind.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

As good as our repair service is, we know that the best medicine is prevention. That’s why we recommend routine furnace maintenance. It’s a comprehensive service that lets our experts give your system a check-up. We give it a much-needed cleaning, thoroughly inspect it for problems and damaged parts, and tune everything up. This once-a-year service helps improve system operation, longevity, and even energy efficiency.

Turn to the Experts at Carrier® and Cliff Bergin for All Your Furnace Checklist Needs

Whether it’s furnace troubleshooting or advice, Cliff Bergin is here to help—we’re truly the better choice. All you have to do is give us a call at 262-242-2456 or contact us online.