Water Testing 101: What You Should Know About Your H2O

Few natural resources are more precious to us than water—we need it to stay healthy, clean, and comfortable. While most homes have a ready supply, water is not always equal in terms of safety, purity, and taste. That’s why regular water testing is so important—especially if you have well water that’s not monitored like a municipal supply. Licensed plumbers from Cliff Bergin & Associates can do a comprehensive test to identify hazards in your H2O and recommend solutions that protect you and your home.

Annual testing by Cliff Bergin & Associates is important for clean and healthy water in your home

Help for Hard Water

In Mequon and North Shore communities, hard water is a common problem. Hard mineral deposits, like calcium and magnesium, build up and can clog water-dependent appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. To test for hard water on your own, put half a cup of tap water in a clear bottle, add five or six drops of dish soap, cover, and shake for 30 seconds. If there’s little foam and the water is cloudy, you likely have hard water and could use a water softener. Hiring a licensed, professional plumber is the best approach when installing your new water conditioning equipment.

All Clear? You Can’t See Some Water Problems

Just because water is clear doesn’t necessarily mean it’s clean—microscopic contamination is common and comes from many sources. Leaking plumbing, tank corrosion, poor soil conditions, flooding, and damage from growing tree roots can all lead to water problems. Some are minor, like hard water spots on dishes, discoloration in your toilet, or sulfates that make water smell bad. Others are more serious, like excess bacteria, fertilizer nitrates or a leaky septic tank, and toxic arsenic or lead levels. Let us put your worries to rest with our water testing service. We’ll submit a water sample to a state-certified lab to determine its quality and explain options for better, safer water.

From water softening and filtration services to reverse osmosis system installations, we offer a full range of solutions to maintain healthy water. This, along with complete plumbing repairs and remodeling installations, makes us the better choice when you need help with your home water service.

Clean Air Matters, Too

Making your home a healthier place means having clean water and indoor air. Cliff Bergin can help with this, too, with a Carrier® Infinity® air purifier that removes dust, pollen, and other pollutants. You’ll breathe easier, as this system works with your furnace or central air conditioner to decontaminate air up to eight times an hour. Make your home the best it can be—contact us for a free estimate on state-of-the-art indoor air quality systems.