Is A/C Maintenance Actually Worth It?

At Cliff Bergin & Associates, we get the question all the time: “Do I really need A/C maintenance?” Our answer is simple: yes. Below, our experts share how this yearly service can benefit you—and your wallet—all summer long. Read it over, and when you’re ready to schedule your appointment, call us.

Tech in blue shirt explains to homeowner the benefits of A/C maintenance.

First, What Is Annual A/C Maintenance?

Think about your car. Every so often, you take it into the shop for an oil change or service to keep it in the best possible condition.

The same can be true for your air conditioner (and furnace). By having our experts clean and tune your system once a year, you’re ensuring that minor problems are caught and that the whole unit is in top shape. Plus, that smooth operation can even help you save on your energy bills—more on that below.

How Our A/C Maintenance Services Benefit You

Improves Energy Efficiency

During service, our award-winning pros clean every working part inside your system. That way, the entire unit performs as if it were brand new and uses energy as efficiently as it can. You’ll see that efficiency in your monthly energy bills—and in your bank account.

Reduces Need for Repair

Part of our A/C maintenance checklist involves catching issues while they are still minor. That way, we can help prevent major problems and system breakdowns for years to come.

Peace of Mind

The last thing you want in the dog days of summer is an air conditioner that doesn’t work well. When you schedule air conditioning preventive maintenance once a year, you don’t have to worry about that. Your home will stay nice and cool no matter how hot it gets. So all you’ll have to do is set your preferred temperature and kick back in comfort.

Better Indoor Air Quality

An air conditioner that operates smoothly helps circulate air through your home. It also pushes contaminants that might be in your indoor air through an air filter, which helps capture those pollutants and prevent you from breathing them in. And don’t worry whether your filter needs replacing—one aspect of our maintenance service is swapping your old one out for a new one.

When You Need A/C Maintenance, Make the Better Choice

There’s a reason why we’ve won the prestigious Carrier® President’s Award 11 times. It has everything to do with our dedication to your comfort.

So if it’s time you scheduled your annual air conditioning maintenance, call Cliff Bergin—the better choice for heating and cooling.