Heating & Cooling FAQs

The Cliff Bergin Pros Have All the Answers to Your Heating & Cooling FAQs

Whether homeowners trust a furnace, boiler, air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless system to stay comfortable, they know the experts at Cliff Bergin & Associates have their backs. Our NATE-certified techs service and install all of these home comfort systems. And because we’ve seen just about every problem there is, we’re happy to field any questions or concerns that come our way. Curious about installing radiant in-floor heating in your home or if you should winterize your air conditioner? We cover it all in these common heating and cooling FAQs.

Should I close air registers in rooms I don’t use often to save on energy?

Closing registers won’t save any energy. Your system is designed to move a certain amount of air. If you want to lower your energy bills or if you’re experiencing hot and cold spots, talk to your Cliff Bergin technician about zoning to help even out temperatures.

Can you install radiant in-floor heating in an existing home?

Yes, in-floor radiant heating pipes can be added below the flooring if a room is being remodeled. If you’re not remodeling, pipes can be installed on the underside of the floor (between joists) with aluminum paneling. These hydronic pipes connect to either a boiler or water heater to heat your flooring.

Do boilers need annual maintenance like furnaces do?

Absolutely! Maintenance ensures your boiler functions safely and efficiently. During maintenance, our techs will make sure burners are clean, pumps are lubricated (when necessary), and zone valves and expansion tanks are working properly. Water quality is also incredibly important, especially for high-efficiency water boilers. We’ll take a water sample and test it for any abnormalities.

How can I heat and cool my home more evenly?

There are a few things you can do:

  • Run your system’s fan continuously. Constant circulation will help even out the temperature.
  • Adjust your manual dampers (if you have them) to increase/decrease airflow according to your comfort needs.
  • Ensure no cold air returns are removed if you remodel your home. Without adequate air returns, it will be difficult to control your home’s temperature, especially in rooms where returns were removed.
  • Consider a zoning system to set and control individual temperatures in each area of your home.
Do I need to “winterize” my outdoor A/C unit?

Generally, no. However, system covers are available to prevent leaves and other materials from falling into the unit. If you put a cover over your system, it shouldn’t reach all the way to the ground. This creates a warm space for mice and other rodents to nest during the winter.

My air conditioner has ice on it—what should I do?

The first thing you should do is check your air filter. A dirty filter can block airflow and cause the coil to freeze, which leads to bigger issues. If your filter is dirty, replace or clean it, let your system thaw, and turn it back on after it’s had time to sit. If the filter isn’t the problem, your system might have a refrigerant leak. Give us a call so we can measure your refrigerant level, confirm what the problem is, and fix it for you.

Does my refrigerant need to be recharged?

No, this isn’t something your system should ever need. If it does, your A/C has a leak, which might not be worth recharging or fixing depending on your system’s age—especially as R-22 refrigerant becomes more expensive as it’s phased out. Our pros will make a recommendation and help you weigh your most cost-effective options.

What is a SEER rating on my air conditioner?

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio and it represents how efficiently your cooling system operates. Specifically, it measures total cooling output divided by energy used over a typical cooling season. The minimum SEER rating allowed in Wisconsin is 13, but ratings can go as high as 26. While a higher rating indicates better energy efficiency, it comes with a larger price tag upfront. Our techs will help you choose an energy-efficient system that lowers your energy bills and fits your initial budget.

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